Ecu programming / module programming

Sos Performance (Pty) Ltd is an automotive mechatronics company based in Johannesburg. Our service offers are as follows;

Testing, repairs, replacement and general programming services for most automotive engines control units (ECU/DME/DDE), Car Keys and BMW FRM Footwell Modules. 

Repairs, replacement, programming and adaptation on transmission control unit or (Mechatronics/TCU/GCU) for Audi and VW cars, clutch replacement including general gearbox reconditioning service.

We repair non starting Vw/Audi, Mercedes, BMWs and Ford. We replace and reprogram dead, faulty and water damaged computer box/ DME/ DDE/ ECU Engine control units for all BMW and Mini vehicles. 


Some symptoms of a faulty computer box/ DME/ DDE/ ECU module include;

  • No spark signal from the computer box
  • Suspect Water damage
  • No fuel from the computer box
  • Vehicle is not starting, car just cranking
  • Vehicle has hard start or not cranking
  • Vehicle is over or under fuelling
  • Car cutting off while idling or driving
  • Engine and other dashboard cluster warning light on.
  • No communication via diagnostic tool or machine
  • Internal implausible error detected
  • Misfire from the engine and many more


We require you to bring the car computer box/ DME/ DDE/ ECU. It takes 24hrs to 48hrs test the DME/ DDE so kindly drop off the unit at our shop in Alberton. You may include the key, EWS, CAS units if you would like them tested as well.


Repair quotation will be provided, should we discover that the DME, DDE, FEM EWS, CAS or KEY is repairable. If any of them are NOT repairable we can assist you in sourcing another and replacing.

Repair cost: R2000 - R6000 (Depending on problem)

It generally takes two to three working days in our attempt to repair. All repairs come with a 90 day guarantee. All programmed DME DDE come tested with a start guarantee meaning we can prove that it starts on a separate running vehicle.


Our replacement units are sourced internationally and imported into South Africa. All our replacement units are VIN coded meaning we maintain mileage and VIN number to a second-hand unit.

We can make for you and/or have in stock already BMW complete locksets available for preface and facelift from 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 cars.

BMW E46, BMW E60, BMW E70, BMW E87, BMW E89, BMW E90, BMW E92, BMW F10, BMW F20, BMW F30. BMW 318i, BMW 320i, BMW 320d, BMW 328i, BMW 323i, BMW 325i, BMW 330i, BMW 330d, BMW 523i, BMW 525i, BMW 528i, BMW 530i, BMW 530d BMW DME MSV 70, BMW DME MSV 80, BMW 330D, BMW X5D, BMW Z4.

Replacement cost: R5000 - R14000 (Depending on the type of car computer box/ DME/ DME you're replacing)

It generally takes approximately two working days in our replacement. All replaced and programmed DME/ DDE come with a start guarantee meaning we can prove it starts on a separate running vehicle.

It takes 24 to 48hrs to supply and program the computer box/DME/DDE/Lockset.


The programming cost ranges from R1500 - R4500 (Depending on the type of car).

  • Give us a call, we are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng.