Auto Transmission Programming & coding/cloning/tuning

Transmission problems some time or other affect every car owner. At the same time, repairs and maintenance are pretty expensive. We suggest you do gearbox programming to save a lot of money and time later and continue to use your vehicle without problems.

The problem of reduced transmission life is familiar to all residents of big cities who alternate long periods in traffic jams and intense driving. There is a solution. The smart gearbox remap helps to change the rpm values during gear changes. It will allow you to extend the life of your gearbox.

We offer Auto gearbox/ Tcu programming services.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we have 100% tested solutions!

Auto gearbox/Tcu cloning services will require old part. We will read your data and re program into new or used gearbox part. Saving you 1000s in new TCU/Mechatronic plates.

We can supply units or program a unit you have bought, provided part numbers match.

We also offer gearbox tuning and upgrades as-well. We can adjust shift points and clutch pressures, giving your gearbox a smoother gearshift and often saving you fuel!

Prices vary on our services depending on vehicle brands, whatsapp us with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible: +27 68 516 1704

Bmw Gearboxes:
ZF8hp, ZF6hp19, ZF6hp26, ZF6hp28
Continental 6hpgen2, getrag 7dct300
ZF8hp45-8hp70-8hp76 Getrag DKG 436 Gen1 & gen2
Mercedes Gearboxes:
Getrag VGS-Fdct, Getrag VGS2- FCVT, Getrag VGS2- FDCT, Siemens VGSNAG2, Continental VGS3Nag2

Vw/Audi Gearboxes:
TEMIC DL382-7f, Temic DL501 Gen1 & Gen2, Continental DL800, Temic DQ250, Temic Dq380, Temic Dq381, Temic Dq400e, Bosch DQ500, ZF Al450 8Hp45, ZF 8hp55, ZF AL552 8HP65, AL 651, ZFAL9518HP90, Delphi Dcm6.2v

FORD Gearboxes:
GM 6t75, GM 6t70 GM 6T80, Getrag DPS6, Getrag MPS6_gen3

Jeep gearboxes:
ZF8HP70, ZF8HP75, ZF8HP95, ZF9HP

Renault Gearboxes:
Getrag 7DCT300, Getrag DC4, Getrag MPS6 Gen3

Toyota Gearboxes:
Denso 275922-001

Mazda Gearboxes;
GM 6t75

Land rovers Gearboxes:

Hyundai & Kia Gearboxes:
ZF 6HP 26, Bosch TC60, Hyundai Kefico KMEG1.9.0 TCU, Bosch MEDG17.9.8 TCU, Bosch MEG17.9.12 TCU, Continental Sim2K-245 TCU, Continental Sim2K-245 TCU, Continental Sim2k-251 TCU, Continental Sim2k-258 TCU, Continental Sim2K-259 TCU, Continental Sim2K-305, Continental Sim2k-341 TCU, Bosch TC80, Hyundai Kefico CPGdSH1.26.1, Hyundai Kefico CPGDSH2.2x.1, Bosch MeG17.9.2 TCU, Continental Sim2K- 240 TCU, sim 2k-241 TCU.

Chrysler: ZF 8HP45, ZF9HP, Getrag MPs6