Adblue delete

AdBlue (SCR) Removal. AdBlue is a chemical liquid used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) on diesel vehicles in order to reduce NOx levels. The AdBlue fluid (urea and demineralized water) is injected into the exhaust system just before the SCR catalyst.

When this particular error shows up on your dash it will revert your vehicle to limp mode. We can permanently disable the Adblue/BlueTec function on most Mercedes Benz Vehicles/Vans.

AdBlue is very common in today's world. Largest truck companies of the world uses AdBlue for engines. AdBlue is required in new generation vehicles called EURO4, EURO5 and EURO6. AdBlue is stored in a separate thank from the fuel.

AdBlue is a non-toxic solution that is used in heavy diesel engines in SCR system to reduce NOx emission in order to protect environment. It is mandatory in some countries, especially in Europe Union countries for EURO environment class. AdBlue working works nearly the same like in Mercedes engines. AdBlue solution is injected into exhaust gas. The high heat in exhaust system converts AdBlue into ammonia. After that ammonia and nitrogen oxide react with each other and passes through SCR and converted into water and non-toxic nitrogen.

AdBlue itself is expensive and adds a huge cost on the long run. If truck runs out of AdBlue, its performance reduced to %30. Chemical impurities in AdBlue solvent can malfunction SCR system which is very costly to repair. Therefore, lots of fleet owner uses AdBlue emulator which disables AdBlue system in the vehicle and disables AdBlue lights from the panel.

Although these emulators are not always accurate. We have a solution that will eliminate this issue permanently.

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Mercedes; w205, w204, w203, vito 519, sprinter 519 cdi, 646, 642, ml350, gl350, bluetech