De-cat (Catalytic Removal)

The catalyst (also referred to as a pollution or smog control) resides inside the exhaust.
Because they are constructed of a matrix they impede the flow of exhaust gases and have been blamed by many as "power stealers". What options are out there that regain this
robbed power?

Symptoms of bad catalytic converters:

A rattling noise. This may be especially noticeable when starting the car or while
stopped at a traffic light. The inside of the converter is coated with a thin mesh
structure called the ceramic catalyst. This honeycomb-structured material can break apart
due to excessively rich fuel leaking in, or just by nasty potholes after a hard freeze,
and rattle around inside the converter.

Lacking engine performance.
If the car seems to not be accelerating at its usual speed,
is not starting at all, or the check engine light turns on,
it may be the catalytic converter hampering the engine’s performance.


It is quite simply installing a pipe that sits where the catalyst should go and
effectively the entire catalyst is removed.

We have software solutions as well as mini cats or sport catalysts to combat
the emission regulation law.

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